Reflection on the PIDP courses that I have taken


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The most important thing that I have learned from taking the PIDP courses is that student feedback is important to deal with student diversity in the classroom. The instructor must take account of the different learning styles. Flexibility is a solution in addressing the diversity in the classroom. I have learned especially reading through Brookfield’s Skillful Teacher that many new techniques in engaging students do exist.

My thinking has changed because many practical solutions are available for instructors. Student feedback is the key ingredient in adapting lessons plans that fit the needs of many different learning styles. An example is to use clickers to get immediate feedback.

The actions that I have learned are to get student feedback before, during, and at the end of the course that I am teaching. In my classroom, I will send out an email introducing myself before the class begins. I will give a short survey to students asking about individual preferences and expectations. My initial survey is to find more about the students themselves so the students are comfortable with me. I can set the expectations of the classroom.

I will do a formative survey at the midpoint of the course. I will ask questions about what they have learned and what they are confused about. I will ask for additional comments about my lectures. I can address any misunderstandings or concerns by students by repeating a section of a lesson in a different manner or use a different approach such as team teaching.

At the end of the course, I will conduct a summative survey to allow students to address any final concerns. I can make further changes to assess the outcome of meeting the learning outcomes. I will use this survey to understand what worked and what did not work in the classroom. I can make further changes to the course when I teach this course again.



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