Chapter 12 – Brookfield’s Skillful Teacher

I am commenting on Chapter 12 in Brookfield’s Skillful Teacher (2015). I find team teaching fascinating because I have not been through a class that had two instructors teaching. I was skeptical at first. After researching online, I can see the benefits for students learning in a team teaching environment.

Brookfield (2015) outlines the following benefits of team teaching for students

1)    A Teaching Team reaches a Wider Variety of Learners

2)    Team Teaching Models Respectful Disagreement

3)    Team Teaching Creates a Learning Environment of Risk and Uncertainty

4)    Team Teaching confronts Students with a Broad Variety of Perspectives

5)    Team Teaching Demonstrates Synthesis, Connection, and Integration

I agree with these benefits of team teaching by Brookfield. I also find that team teaching addresses the diversity of students in the classroom. Different teaching styles, personalities and delivery can make the delivery of the lesson more tailored to the specific students in the classroom. The flow of the lesson can be enhanced as students can be more engaged in the different topics and expertise (Ideas at Work, Oct 2013).

Team teaching also benefits the instructors. According to Brookfield (2015), here are the following benefits to instructors.

1)    It provides Emotional Support

2)    It develops Trustful Relationships

3)    It Creates a Built-In Critically Reflective Mirror

I agree with these benefits by Brookfield (2015). The main disadvantages that I see for instructors are the following:

1)    More planning and time to work on lesson plans and flow of the delivery working with another instructor.

2)    The instructor has to get along with the other instructor. If the instructor does not, students can see the tension or the rift can cause more misunderstandings in the course.

I recommend go the following link as it describes team teaching in detail: Team Teaching. This link has a great video that shows how Team Teaching works in the classroom (Ideas at Work, Oct 2013).

Overall, I can see team teaching is a benefit for students and instructors because it demonstrates collaboration.  This can reflect the real world. Team teaching can demonstrate to students about working and living in the real world in a collaborative, respectful manner.


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Brookfield, S. D. (2015). The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in The Classroom. John Wiley & Sons. p155-167 .

Ideas that Work. (Oct 2013). Team teaching. YouTube. Retrieved from


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