Interesting CBC news article about a school’s accreditation


From the link above, this CBC news article by Olivia Stefanovich (2016) is interesting as it discusses about the Social Work School at Laurentian University (Sudbury, Ontario) losing accreditation because of not having enough instructors. The Social Work program appears popular as the student enrolment has doubled twice in the past six years. The main issue is that the Social Work School does not have enough faculty members to teach the required courses for students to graduate. Laurentian University has known about this problem a year ago and not addressed the staffing issues immediately.

The important element of a program evaluation is to have the required number of qualified instructors to teach the program. This article points out that Laurentian University has been aware of this problem of understaffing for a long time. Students are nervous about completing their courses and are worried if they can graduate.

The Social Work school is accredited externally. The Canadian Association for Social Work Education gives the accreditation to qualified schools. A requirement in keeping the accreditation is having the required number of qualified staff members to teach the social work programs. Laurentian University is not meeting this requirement. As a result, Laurentian University can lose their accreditation.


Stefanovich, Olivia. (Oct, 2016). Laurentian University to Hire More Social Work Staff to Save Accreditation. CBC News. Retrieved from


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