Professional Ethics


Image Source: Ussery, Alexis.(n.d.) Code of Ethics. Retrieved from

I found this CBC news article (the link is above) about an ethics scandal at the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal. Suanne Stein Day, the Chair, is accused of breaching the code of ethics as she did not show respectful behavior towards her colleagues. It is interesting in the article that the public was outraged as the person was not identified earlier on. The public is not supporting the board’s decision in supporting Ms. Stein Day. The board is asking for the resignation of the Chair.

The article points out that a person’s behavior is important in the educational world because the instructor needs to act professional and respectful towards others. The importance of transparency is highlighted in this article. Without transparency, there is no trust. I understand that when I teach, I need to be transparent to gain the trust of students and colleagues.

I am currently working in an insurance brokerage firm. The insurance industry has a code of ethics. If a member of the insurance industry behaves unethically, the person may have to pay a fine and, for serious offense, the person’s insurance license may be suspended. Also, in the office that I work, we have a Policies and Procedure Manual that every new employee must read and sign before starting employment.


CBC News. (Nov 28, 2016). Public Confronts Head of Lester B. Pearson After Ethics Scandal. Retrieved from



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