Where am I Professionally?

My Professional Goal

I am in a middle of changing careers from business management to adult instruction in a business program at an local university. For the past five years, I have been working in the field of business management for the private, public, and the not for profit sectors. I feel that I have done all that I can in my professional career. In my research, I find that adult instruction has increased my curiosity and thirst of knowledge in the field of the adult education world. I feel that I have found my passion in life.

In five years, I hope to be an adult instructor at a local university or college in the lower mainland. I like to teach various business topics such as Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Leadership, Business Strategy, Project Management, and Business Communications. I feel that with my extensive professional background, I can coach and mentor students especially first and second year business students.

The steps in achieving my goals are the following:

1)    Complete the PIDP at VCC – This can show that I am serious about teaching adults.

2)    Network at Universities and Colleges– During my career search, I find that I have not met important adult educators who can be a great resource.

3)    Update my resume – I need to find opportunities at my current work place to do some instructional sessions on a new software, procedures, or workflow.

4)    Volunteer– I need to look at opportunities to volunteer at local not for profits. I can teach basic business life skills or valuable computer skills.

5)    Keep a positive outlook – I need to keep a positive attitude that I can get an excellent opportunity to teach.

With these actions in mind, I know that I can achieve success as an adult educator in five years.


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