Faculty Focus Article


Here is a link to an article that I found on Faculty Focus.


I found this article very interesting because the author, Lolita Paff, gave some great motivational tips in helping students to learn better.

Paff (2016) states that there are three aspects of learning that have been overlooked. Instructors can enhance student learning by promoting zest, grit, and sweat.


For the first aspect in to enhance student learning, Paff (2015) describes zest as student curiosity and enthusiasm. By promoting zest in students, students can be more motivated to do more that learn the class material. Students can work harder and longer to satisfy their curiosity and increase their thirst of knowledge.

The three ways for promote zest in students are the following:

1)    Connect with students

2)    Make it real by bring in real life examples

3)    Bring passion to the classroom


The second aspect to enhance learning is grit. Paff describes grit as promoting learning as a long-term focus. Persistence and with a mindset for academic growth should be advocated. Students with grit are resilient in facing challenges.

These are the following three ways in promoting grit that teachers can dot.

1)    Identify appropriate challenges for students

2)    Provide low stakes practice

3)    Offer specific feedback


The third aspect to enhance learning is sweat. Paff describes sweat as lifelong learning that takes a lot of effort by the student.

The three ways for students to achieve sweat are the following:

1)    Incorporate reflection in the class

2)    Provide study tips

3)    Mind cognitive load


Paff, L. (2016). Enhancing Learning through Zest, Grit, and Sweat. Faculty Focus. Retrieved from http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/instructional-design/enhancing-learning-zest-grit-sweat/




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