What are the most important attributes of a good teacher?

These are the following most important attributes of good teacher:

  1. Authentic – A teacher needs to be authentic. The teacher can share personal stores and experiences that relate to a particular topic. I think that it adds value to the lesson. Students can relate to the topic on a personal level.
  2. Flexible – Teachers need to be flexible in their teachings. Not every student will appreciate your teaching style. Students in the classroom are diverse. No one teaching style will match each student’s learning style.  Teachers need to be aware and find alternatives ways in teaching.
  3. Resourceful – Teachers need to have access to different materials on the same topic. There can be many viewpoints on a particular topic. Teachers need to present the many different viewpoints and each of these perspective have value.
  4. Respectful – Teachers need to create an environment that is inclusive and must not exclude introverts, people of different races, and students with learning disabilities.
  5. Collaborative – Teachers need to engage students by creating a safe environment for students to work together. Students get to know other students. Creating a collaborative classroom will prepare students in the real world.
  6. Listening skills – When I was doing my Master’s degree, I had an excellent instructor who presented the material and he listened to the students ideas and thoughts on a particular situational problem.
  7. Professionalism- Instructors need to “walk the talk”. According to Orlando (2013), she states that professionalism relates to “professional appearance to organizational skills and preparedness of each day.”


Orlando, M. (2013). Nine Characteristics of a Good Teacher. Faculty Focus. Retrieved from http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/philosophy-of-teaching/nine-characteristics-of-a-great-teacher/





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