Brookfield’s Truth of Teaching

In Brookfield’s Skillful Teacher (2015), the author lists 10 truths that he has grown into in the last few years.

The most striking truth is the first one because Brookfield discusses being an imposter. Brookfield states that he feels amazement as he has something valuable to offer to the students. I was a bit surprised when Brookfield used the word “imposter” because I feel that it is a negative word. I think if you are an adult educator, you have something to offer to others. I believe that teachers need to be aware of their capabilities in their field.

Another Brookfield’s truth that got my attention is racism. Brookfield has dedicated a whole chapter on racism. I was surprised that he brought it out in the discussion about teaching. Brookfield’s truth is very  interesting topic to discuss. Brookfield mentions that he has become aware of his racist impulses and has to deal with them. Brookfield touches on a sensitive topic. I am looking forward to reading Chapter 9.


Brookfield, S. D. (2015). The skillful teacher: On technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom. John Wiley & Sons. p 8-10..




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